Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hey all! I’m back with a minor update before we hit the holidays hard.

Sudler & Hennessey
To start with, I’ve been pretty busy lately bopping around from place to place, lending my skills to those that need it. I spent a few months with the good people over at Sudler & Hennessey helping them design and animate an Interactive kiosk display. This was done for a Pharmaceutical client to be used at a convention. This particular kiosk display has a unique combination of illustration, design and animation. It’s a different take on the usual “Pharma” displays, and it uses the new Leap Motion controller instead of a touchscreen. All in all it was a great project to work on with a awesome group of people. Hopefully all goes well and we’ll get to do another!

I also spent a few weeks with my good pals over at Harrison & Star. I’ve been freelancing there for a few years now, and while things are always changing over there, it’s always remained a great place to work. These last few weeks were no different, other than the fact it was a shorter run than usual. But part of that is a testament to how well we’ve done our jobs (as in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”)!

Quiz Hero
On top of all that I’ve been working on an educational game app called Quiz Hero. I’ve been working on this with my buddies Kevin and Larry, and there will be more to come about this in the next few weeks. Scheduled to be released this year, Quiz Hero will make a great download for the holidays! You can see more on the Facebook Fan Page HERE.

Lastly, I recently did some storyboard shots for the good folks over at Nickelodeon. They had an idea for a TMNT game and asked if I could mock up a few scenes. What you see above is the first panel and snippets from a few other panels. Since we didn’t want to give anything way we figured this was the best way to show it. And I’m all for it since I usually can’t show any of this stuff!

That’s it for now. Check back soon for more updates!

End of Summer Recap

Hello Everyone. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Summer is winding down now and Fall quickly approaching. Are you ready for cool days and nights, sweaters and the leaves changing? Are you ready to go back to school, for pumpkin spice or your favorite TV shows to return? I am, but I’ll still take a few more days, or weeks, of summer 🙂

I thought it was time for a quick update, and I figure since I have this new site and easy to update blog, I could do a little something something for ya. So with that, here’s what’s been going on!

Gregory Victorin

At the start of summer, I did some designs for a friend who has a Non-Profit Organization. I honestly don’t know much about the project, but I do know he wanted to make T-shirts to sell for charity. And I believe his church is involved, and that some, if not all, of the money would be going to help Haiti. So while I didn’t/don’t have all the project info, I know it’s all for a good cause which was more than enough for me to hop on board. These images would be used like the Polo logo is used on a shirt, small and placed where the breast pocket might go. And you can see there are a wide variety of color options. I’m not quite sure if any shirts have been made yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them when they are.

Chi Intentioned

Early in the summer I made a logo for a friend’s start-up. She (Chi) sells jewelry, among other things, and she really wasn’t feeling the logo she already had. Since I had hooked up a logo sometime back for a friend of her’s that she liked, she had kept me in mind for when it was time to revamp her logo. Also, along with the final logo and logo with image, you can see some of the original sketches and mocks that lead to the final design.

Danielle Burnette

Around mid-summer I designed and illustrated a dust jacket for Danielle Burnette. Danielle wrote a book that she wanted to self publish, and she reached out to me for the cover design and illustration. I was more than happy to help out and the end result came out great! When the book was done she then asked me to create an intro image for her website. I had a lot of fun illustrating both images and it looks like I’ll be helping out with some business cards very soon as well! You can check out the book and site at the links below!

Buy Book on Amazon


Everything Else

Past that, there are a few other things going on, that I either can’t talk about yet, or can’t show work for. However, I can still tell you a little bit about what’s going on. For example, I’m currently working on a new educational game app. It’s got a pretty cute style and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the final product. Also, the Legend of Fat Ninja team is working on another game for Cartoon Network. I’m excited about this one, but it’ll be a long time off before it comes out, so stay tuned. I’m also adding to the NBA buddies I did a few years back for Curriculum Associates. And speaking of C.A, I’m also doing a few illustrations for their educational website. This is another project that’s a long way off from release. And lastly, I’ve been freelancing for Sudler and Hennessy, illustrating and designing an Interactive Kiosk Display for a pharmaceutical convention. This display includes some mini games using the new Leap Motion controller, which is similar to the X-Box Kinect.

Ok, I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus TV Spot

Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus was created to help promote a new Adventure Time episode called “Princess Day”. Princess Day will air on July 31st, so be sure to check it out. More info about the episode is below:

It’s Princess Day in Ooo! You know what that means? Yep, LSP and Marceline team up to prank Breakfast Princess!


From Bleeding Cool:

Finn and Jake aren’t in this episode. Breakfast Princess is having a conference for the various Princesses (and this series has a lot of them) to work out their complicated trade issues, as each kingdom needs something from another, and it’s all very O. Henry “The Gift of the Magi” but during all of this, Lumpy Space Princess gets into like a real fight with the Breakfast Princess and she is all getting angry and what the lump?! Basically, the episode turns into sort of a Kill Bill meets Thelma and Louise as Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline become a very strange duo out for revenge and not quite killing people! As opposed to the trippy “Food Chain”, this was a more traditional classic story, featuring our odd couple of the Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline, out for vengeance and like, stuff.

It’s fun. If you like Adventure Time, but felt that the series’ recent focus on relationships and how broken Finn and Jake are has distracted from the fun, this episode is nothing but. It is scheduled to air next Thursday.
– Peter S. Svensson, BleedingCool.com


Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus is LIVE!

It’s Live! We are very excited that this game is out and playable around the world!

Kids seem to be diggin’ the Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus game! Here is what a few the them had to say (Quotes taken from Cartoonnetwork.com):

CN Scout: This game is not easy! But I like it!

Icy Bobo Gullet: The 2nd dungeon is so hard but I love this game. 9/10

Defiant Chuck Celsius: I just realized you can change the controls in the pause menu! When I set them to LEFT I find it’s much easier to play – but that’s just me  Super fun game! The replicant on dungeon 3 is insane!

Normal Natalie Ninja: I got my first badge in this game! And I love the title. “Royal Ruckus.” Cool game title, CN!

Be sure to check out the game and drop us a line to let us know what you think!

Play Now!

WGCNY Updated: 2014

Hey all. I’m gonna keep this one short so you can spend more time looking around. I just wanted to say I’m happy to have a new site, one that is MUCH easier to update. Now I might actually be able to update more regularly!

So with that said, let me just say thanks for all your continued support, and I hope you enjoy the new site!

“Last” Video Animation

WGCNY + Aja Music & Film Productions team up to create Music Video for The Lady Jenn Bocian.

Referred to me by The Cutting Rooms Studios, Darrell Lawrence came to me with a mission. He had a client in The Lady Jenn Bocian. He had a song that she sung and he produced. He had video footage of her and her crew. But what he didn’t have, and what he needed, were some animations that would bring it all together.

Darrell had a vision. He was very clear about what he wanted, and how it should look. I went to work on a sample to see if I could provided him with what he was looking for. When I showed it to him the expression on his face said it all. I hit the mark. From there it was on!

With so much to do, I enlisted the help from John Hazard, Jimmy Tran and Sandra Charles (all on colors). I also got some good advice from my buddies Kevin Loughran and Stephan Nilson. Together we managed to turn out a very cool, fun and detailed comic styled animation.

The album release Party will be on July 9th. There will be a performance by The Lady Jenn Bocian as well as a screening of the video. Sign up if you want to attend. I’ll be there, so come and hang with me and watch a cool video as well.


Update: Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus

WGCNY + Zephyr-Games Inc + Interactive Monster + Serial Lab team up with Cartoon Network to bring you Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus.

We’ve got a launch date! July 21st.

Royal Ruckus is going to get some heavy promotion as it ties in with an episode of Adventure Time. Not only that, we recently found out the game will be localized for Cartoon Network’s Asian/Pacific division!

So be sure to keep an eye out for the on-air spots, and mark your calendars for July 21st cuz that’s when the Ruckus begins!

The ArtScience Prize

WGCNY + Daniel Hai + Sara Woolley + Boys & Girls Club = The ArtScience Prize Winners!

My friend Sara Woolley contacted me, and Daniel Hai, in early April about a project she was involved in. She said she was mentoring high school students from the Boys & Girls Club, who had entered a contest thrown by The ArtScience Prize. Sara described the contest as follows:


“Basically HS students are put in teams to come up with creative “art science” ideas to solve a problem around an annual theme. Think Davinci, like the best of both Art and Science thought processes without separating the two. This year’s theme is energy of the future.  The kids begin with that core, but it’s really open ended and they can go anywhere that interests them in terms of a project idea from that beginning point.  However, the nature of letting them go in any direction creatively, means that many will go out of my comfort zone as they explore their own interests.

Some groups of teens make prototype inventions, others socially interactive art installations, and in the case of the teams I am reaching out to you guys about, an prototype of an app.  The ideas or prototypes do not have to actually work when the teens present them, but they have to have done the due diligence and conducted experiments, or made a mock up- to prove that the idea could work. The teams are competing for funding to realize their ideas, and a trip to Paris to further develop it in a workshop setting with other teens.”


With that said, Sara went on to ask if we would be interested in being a consultant for her student group. We agreed and not too long after the emails started rolling in. These kids had some very cool ideas and very good questions about how to get their apps from idea to reality. Daniel and I would both respond with our advice from our various perspectives and the kids would take that, move forward and come back with new questions.

After a few weeks of back and froth we were invited to the Hall of Science for the final presentation. Unfortunately, I was unable attend but it sounded like it was going be awesome. From Sara:


“The Art Science Final Presentation at the New York Hall of Science is this coming Friday, the 16th at 6:30 PM. We will be in their Auditorium for the Presentations an will be the only ones in the Museum.  It’s a bit like the show Shark Tank… except all our judges are nice. The kids get up and have 7 minutes to present their idea, with a 3 minute question round. They are competing for $3,000 and a trip to Paris to continue their idea in an international workshop.”


I was very excited for the kids and was wishing them all the luck in the world. About 1 week later I reached out to Sara to see if the results had come in, and to my surprise not only had they come in, but it turned out that her students had won!

Once the photos are readily I’ll post them up so you can see them. It was a very exciting time for them and I was glad to have been a part (albeit a small part) of their success. I wish those kids all the best with their project and I walk away knowing all their futures just got a little brighter!

NBC Peacocks

This yeah I had an opportunity to work over at MSNBC. I was mainly doing banner design and animation, with a small on air animation thrown in. The offices, which are in the 30 Rock building, were pretty cool, and I got to meet Blackthought and Questlove during my time there.

While that was definitely the highlight of my time there, there was on other thing that stood out. On the walls of the office were pictures and posters of various things, but the one that caught my eye had 5 variations of the NBC Peacock, drawn by different artists. Several times a day I would pass this poster, stop, look at it, and then wander off with my mind racing over the images I just saw.

One day when I got back to my desk I was waiting for feedback on the work I just trued in. I had also just walked past the picture again, so it was still on my mind. I decided I was going to do a version of the peacock, but that’s all I knew. It was still a few hours before I had an idea, but when it came I jumped right on it.

Since NBC had just announced they were bringing back Heroes (ask me my opinion on that another time) I thought I could do that peacock as a Heroes character. I started mixing the names of characters with the word peacock, and when I got to HRGCock, I started cracking up. That was it! That was what I was gonna draw.

So I picked up the wacom pen and got to it. When I finished, I was pretty happy with the out come and I had actually wanted to do more. So I did. I did 5 pieces in all during my run. The last being the Questcock image, as I decided to do one of him right after we met.

I hope you get a little kick out of these as I did.  If I ever do any more I’ll post them up here!

Kimberly-Clark CEO Conference Animation

WGCNY + MJM Creative team up to produce animated presentation for Kimberly-Clark CEO conference.

When my buddy Dennis Climent found himself overbooked and unable to help out a friend, he referred said friend (who’s name is Ellen Burnett) to me. Ellen is a part of MJM Creative and she told me she was in need of a game themed animation. I worked with Ellen and her team to figure out what the needed and then got to work. After the initial meetings, I started working more with Marijana Sarich. She was very helpful and provided a lot of design solutions, animation ideas and insight about the client for who this was for: Kimberly-Clark.

I found out not too long after it’s completion that the animations were a big hit at the conference. Everyone loved it. I was very happy to have been a part of this project and I’m just as happy to be able to share it with you now.

And just FYI, the audio has been added for the web presentation. In the original presentation these animations were split up and intermixed with content slides.