Force: Dynamic Life Drawing


Artist/Designer Force Mobile Companion App. Produced by Zephyr Games Inc, Developed by Interactive Monster & with Audio by Serial Lab.

During my time at SVA I missed out on classes by Mike Mattesi. Imagine my surprise when years later I end up designing a companion app for him and his very famous book: Force, Dynamic Life Drawing! Working closely with Mike, T&F and the rest of the group, we came up with a app that helps you dive further into the world of force drawing. Now you can watch Mike in action no matter where you are in the world!

Sqvad Up

While working on another project for Utility NYC, I was asked to revise some of the UI Design for Lil Wayne’s Sqvad Up app. Not all of my designs made it in for launch*, and I’m uncertain weather the rest will make it in via an update. Still, it was a lot of fun working on this game.

*Upon further review it looks like the app was updated on 11/11 and all the UI was redone again, removing all the original designs and my revisions/additions.

Catching Up

The end of 2014 saw a lot of steady clients move on. Early 2015 was a very slow work period with only a few small projects (from very loyal clients). Around the summer, a very large project dropped into my lap, one that looked like it would spark a long term partnership with a new client. The project didn’t get under way until the fall, and ran until about the summer of 2016. That’s when the project got put on hold. Not long after it was pulled in house, and now it’s seemingly just on the shelf. If it is truly shelved, that’s very unfortunate. Still, I learned quite a bit while working on this project, and I’m more than ready to apply that knowledge and skill to whatever comes next.

As always I’ll keep pushing forward. That next great project is just around the corner!

The ArtScience Prize

WGCNY + Daniel Hai + Sara Woolley + Boys & Girls Club = The ArtScience Prize Winners!

My friend Sara Woolley contacted me, and Daniel Hai, in early April about a project she was involved in. She said she was mentoring high school students from the Boys & Girls Club, who had entered a contest thrown by The ArtScience Prize. Sara described the contest as follows:


“Basically HS students are put in teams to come up with creative “art science” ideas to solve a problem around an annual theme. Think Davinci, like the best of both Art and Science thought processes without separating the two. This year’s theme is energy of the future.  The kids begin with that core, but it’s really open ended and they can go anywhere that interests them in terms of a project idea from that beginning point.  However, the nature of letting them go in any direction creatively, means that many will go out of my comfort zone as they explore their own interests.

Some groups of teens make prototype inventions, others socially interactive art installations, and in the case of the teams I am reaching out to you guys about, an prototype of an app.  The ideas or prototypes do not have to actually work when the teens present them, but they have to have done the due diligence and conducted experiments, or made a mock up- to prove that the idea could work. The teams are competing for funding to realize their ideas, and a trip to Paris to further develop it in a workshop setting with other teens.”


With that said, Sara went on to ask if we would be interested in being a consultant for her student group. We agreed and not too long after the emails started rolling in. These kids had some very cool ideas and very good questions about how to get their apps from idea to reality. Daniel and I would both respond with our advice from our various perspectives and the kids would take that, move forward and come back with new questions.

After a few weeks of back and froth we were invited to the Hall of Science for the final presentation. Unfortunately, I was unable attend but it sounded like it was going be awesome. From Sara:


“The Art Science Final Presentation at the New York Hall of Science is this coming Friday, the 16th at 6:30 PM. We will be in their Auditorium for the Presentations an will be the only ones in the Museum.  It’s a bit like the show Shark Tank… except all our judges are nice. The kids get up and have 7 minutes to present their idea, with a 3 minute question round. They are competing for $3,000 and a trip to Paris to continue their idea in an international workshop.”


I was very excited for the kids and was wishing them all the luck in the world. About 1 week later I reached out to Sara to see if the results had come in, and to my surprise not only had they come in, but it turned out that her students had won!

Once the photos are readily I’ll post them up so you can see them. It was a very exciting time for them and I was glad to have been a part (albeit a small part) of their success. I wish those kids all the best with their project and I walk away knowing all their futures just got a little brighter!

W.I.P: Drone Strike

WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc + Team Cashew bring on Interactive Monster as out new developer.

Hey all. I just wanted to take a moment to update you all on Drone Strike. After a few development hiccups which put the project on hold for a time, we’ve brought Kevin Loughran on board and have started up production again.

Even with the development difficulties we were able to keep moving forward art wise, so I do have some W.I.P art to show. And I’m excited again now the Kev is on board. I know he can make this game a reality as well as make my art look good!

Welcome aboard Kev!

W.I.P: Pillar

Thanks to Kevin Loughran over at Interactive Monster, I was introduced to Jonathan Coreson who was looking to put an app prototype together. He was really just looking for some designs to start with, something to take to investors to help compile the funds to create a full version. So when he told me what he wanted to do, and his game idea, I was more than happy to help out.

Enter Pillar! This educational game is designed to help kids increase their math skills while having fun. Using an attack/defense game style, players have to choose the correct answer to a math question in order for the character to move.

I have a good feeling that Jonathan will get the funds he needs to bring this game to life, but only time will tell. So put out some good vibes for Pillar and check back to see if/how things progress.

Bocks Rock! Holiday Themes

Blocks Rocks! launches new themes for the holidays, new characters introduced.

Hey all. Blocks rocks is getting some new holiday themes! This year we’ll be adding a Halloween theme, a Thanksgiving theme and a Christmas theme. Each new theme will feature a new character that will make Blocks Rock! just a little more challenging. So be careful if you see these new characters, as they will be after your blocks.

If you haven’t checked out blocks rock! yet, be sure to do so now. If you want to know more about Blocks Rock! before you buy, scroll down to the post about the apps release.

W.I.P: Drone Strike

WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc. team up with Team Cashew to produce a mobile game called Drone Strike.

Hey all. Just wanted to give an update on what’s been going on of late. I’m currently working on a new mobile game called Drone Strike. As the title implies, this game will feature drone based missions. The idea is to be a stealthy as possible while in enemy’s territory, trying to take out the target with no civilian casualties.

There will be a number of drones and a number of weapons to choose from for each mission. And some missions will be carried out at night!. So check out the work in progress shots and check back for more updates as we push forward.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Crazy Squares: Milk River Run

WGCNY + MRM + Ham In The Fridge bring the Crazy Squares Characters to mobile!

When MRM wanted to created a mobile game app for their client General Mills, they reached out to me because they were fans of Legend of Fat Ninja! When they told me what they were looking to do, I was more than happy to jump on board and lend my expertise and talent.

While I had always been a fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I had never been as excited about or as hungry for CTC in my life. Working with the property and it’s wacky bunch of characters was awesome! We had a lot of fun brain storming ideas, creating crazy animations, and play testing the game (trying hard to out do each other).

Crazy Square Milk River run Is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. You can also play the web version on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch website. Milk River Run is a high-energy, non-stop adventure you won’t want to put down. Take a moment to check it out, but beware: You’ll be craving those crazy squares!

iOS Download

Android Download

Web Version (Choose Milk River Run)