Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus Completed

WGCNY + Zephyr-Games Inc + Interactive Monster + Serial Lab team up with Cartoon Network to bring you Adventure Time: Royal Ruckus.

Hey all. Just wanted to give you a heads up that the work on the Adventure Time game has come to an end. The games all done and delivered and has a launch date of summer 2014. As soon as it get’s closer to being pushed live I’ll be sure to give you a heads up.

W.I.P: Drone Strike

WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc + Team Cashew bring on Interactive Monster as out new developer.

Hey all. I just wanted to take a moment to update you all on Drone Strike. After a few development hiccups which put the project on hold for a time, we’ve brought Kevin Loughran on board and have started up production again.

Even with the development difficulties we were able to keep moving forward art wise, so I do have some W.I.P art to show. And I’m excited again now the Kev is on board. I know he can make this game a reality as well as make my art look good!

Welcome aboard Kev!

Adventure Time Game

WGCNY + Zephyr-Games Inc + Interactive Monster + Serial Lab team up with Cartoon Network to bring you an Adventure Time Game!

In an out of the blue turn of events, the Legend of Fat Ninja team is rolling again on a new game for Cartoon Network! The title is currently TBD, but we do know the game will be based on Adventure Time and it will center around Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess! This game promises to be a really fun one, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on it’s progress.

W.I.P: Pillar

Thanks to Kevin Loughran over at Interactive Monster, I was introduced to Jonathan Coreson who was looking to put an app prototype together. He was really just looking for some designs to start with, something to take to investors to help compile the funds to create a full version. So when he told me what he wanted to do, and his game idea, I was more than happy to help out.

Enter Pillar! This educational game is designed to help kids increase their math skills while having fun. Using an attack/defense game style, players have to choose the correct answer to a math question in order for the character to move.

I have a good feeling that Jonathan will get the funds he needs to bring this game to life, but only time will tell. So put out some good vibes for Pillar and check back to see if/how things progress.

Beta The Game

When my buddy Chris Moody showed me the game he and his friend Errol King were working on, I was pretty amazed. They had an idea that seemed familiar, to make a game that teaches kids (people) to code, but their approach was unlike anything I had seen or heard of before.

Enter Beta: a cute little robot who lives in a world of limitless imagination. Users of the game will be able to create the world Beta moves around in. They can add obstacles, power-ups, platforms and more. They can then upload and share the games or worlds they made for others to play. All the while learning how to create games, a skill which could take them very far in life.

In an effort to help promote Beta, Chris asked me to do a few designs that would help show Beta is a new light. We sat down and talked about a few ideas and then I went to work. We ended up with a few cool designs that Team Beta could use to help promote the game while it is still in production.

Statue of Liberty Beta: This was a fun one to do. It was the first one we did and it really got us excited to do more.

Code Pop Beta (Raising the Flag): This one, image wise, is based off of the iconic image of the Marine Corps War Memorial. We changed it up to fit the coding and gaming aspects of Beta.

Code Pops Cereal: We decided to have a little fun with Beta and this time we wanted to put him on a cereal box. The Lucky Charms box design worried well for our purposes, since there are items and power ups that could be displayed like the hearts, stars and horse-shoes, clovers etc. This one really made me hungry for code!

Stay Calm and Code On: Based on a popular meme, we figured that a Beta version would work nicely.  We wanted to work in the crown a little differently, and Beta wanted the king treatment, so we hooked him up. The end result came out great and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future.

W.I.P: Drone Strike

WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc. team up with Team Cashew to produce a mobile game called Drone Strike.

Hey all. Just wanted to give an update on what’s been going on of late. I’m currently working on a new mobile game called Drone Strike. As the title implies, this game will feature drone based missions. The idea is to be a stealthy as possible while in enemy’s territory, trying to take out the target with no civilian casualties.

There will be a number of drones and a number of weapons to choose from for each mission. And some missions will be carried out at night!. So check out the work in progress shots and check back for more updates as we push forward.

Batman: Gotham Streets

WGCNY + Zephyr-Games, Inc. + Interactive Monster + Serial Lab team up with Cartoon Network to bring you Batman: Gotham Streets.

The whole Legend of Fat Ninja crew got together again, but this time to work on a Batman game for Cartoon Network. This was a very exciting project to come across our plate, and our first major project together after the launch of LoFN.

I’ve always been a big fan of Batman. I’ve even created a character that currently resides in the Batverse! But having the chance to make a game involving the caped crusader was something more than I could have hoped for.

Due to the style of the show and our deadline, we couldn’t do anything character driven, but instead we went with a Spy Hunter like gameplay using the bat mobile plus enemy cars and drones from the show. I had a great time sifting through show clips and stills looking for the right elements. Designing a road that could last forever using a few pieces. Animating explosions, creating power-ups, designing the title card and more. It was a fun experience all around.

Packed full of bad guys and high speed action, you’ll be trying to out do yourself, and your friends, for hours on end.

Batman: Gotham Streets

Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Crazy Squares: Milk River Run

WGCNY + MRM + Ham In The Fridge bring the Crazy Squares Characters to mobile!

When MRM wanted to created a mobile game app for their client General Mills, they reached out to me because they were fans of Legend of Fat Ninja! When they told me what they were looking to do, I was more than happy to jump on board and lend my expertise and talent.

While I had always been a fan of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I had never been as excited about or as hungry for CTC in my life. Working with the property and it’s wacky bunch of characters was awesome! We had a lot of fun brain storming ideas, creating crazy animations, and play testing the game (trying hard to out do each other).

Crazy Square Milk River run Is available for download on iTunes and Google Play. You can also play the web version on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch website. Milk River Run is a high-energy, non-stop adventure you won’t want to put down. Take a moment to check it out, but beware: You’ll be craving those crazy squares!

iOS Download

Android Download

Web Version (Choose Milk River Run)

Blocks Rock!

-Ported from previous site –
WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc. + Interactive Monster + Serial Lab bring Blocks Rock to mobile.

Blocks Rock is a game for kids that’s expanding its reach. When Zephyr Games contacted me in October about turning Blocks Rock, a match game using colored wooden blocks, into a mobile game app, I was all for it. The job wasn’t ours form the start, as we had to bid on it along with various other companies. We decided to pitch them our idea and use the same team that developed the Legend Of Fat Ninja app. We all had fun with that project and were looking to work together again, so this seemed perfect.

Word broke in December that we got it! It was a very happy end to 2012, and made for a great start to 2013. This project is a pretty big one for us as we out bid other companies for it and it’s our first client project with this team.

We plan on expanding on the game by adding various modes of play, additional block arrangements to complete along with additional skins incase you want to change the look to match your style. Kids will get a kick out of matching the blocks, or making their own designs in freeplay mode. And the colors of the blocks will pop, making for a very eye catching experience.

We are currently in full swing production wise and are looking to have it in the app store sometime in April. When it is live you can be sure I’ll let you know. In the meantime you can keep up with updates here, on the Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter.