I did a few portraits for Kecker, Fl0wer and Storvox. These were a lot of fun to do and they loved them! Storvox wanted one as a gamer, and one as a professional. He does video work and you can see him putting it in behind the camera.

Sqvad Up

While working on another project for Utility NYC, I was asked to revise some of the UI Design for Lil Wayne’s Sqvad Up app. Not all of my designs made it in for launch*, and I’m uncertain weather the rest will make it in via an update. Still, it was a lot of fun working on this game.

*Upon further review it looks like the app was updated on 11/11 and all the UI was redone again, removing all the original designs and my revisions/additions.

End of Summer Recap

Hello Everyone. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Summer is winding down now and Fall quickly approaching. Are you ready for cool days and nights, sweaters and the leaves changing? Are you ready to go back to school, for pumpkin spice or your favorite TV shows to return? I am, but I’ll still take a few more days, or weeks, of summer 🙂

I thought it was time for a quick update, and I figure since I have this new site and easy to update blog, I could do a little something something for ya. So with that, here’s what’s been going on!

Gregory Victorin

At the start of summer, I did some designs for a friend who has a Non-Profit Organization. I honestly don’t know much about the project, but I do know he wanted to make T-shirts to sell for charity. And I believe his church is involved, and that some, if not all, of the money would be going to help Haiti. So while I didn’t/don’t have all the project info, I know it’s all for a good cause which was more than enough for me to hop on board. These images would be used like the Polo logo is used on a shirt, small and placed where the breast pocket might go. And you can see there are a wide variety of color options. I’m not quite sure if any shirts have been made yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them when they are.

Chi Intentioned

Early in the summer I made a logo for a friend’s start-up. She (Chi) sells jewelry, among other things, and she really wasn’t feeling the logo she already had. Since I had hooked up a logo sometime back for a friend of her’s that she liked, she had kept me in mind for when it was time to revamp her logo. Also, along with the final logo and logo with image, you can see some of the original sketches and mocks that lead to the final design.

Danielle Burnette

Around mid-summer I designed and illustrated a dust jacket for Danielle Burnette. Danielle wrote a book that she wanted to self publish, and she reached out to me for the cover design and illustration. I was more than happy to help out and the end result came out great! When the book was done she then asked me to create an intro image for her website. I had a lot of fun illustrating both images and it looks like I’ll be helping out with some business cards very soon as well! You can check out the book and site at the links below!

Buy Book on Amazon


Everything Else

Past that, there are a few other things going on, that I either can’t talk about yet, or can’t show work for. However, I can still tell you a little bit about what’s going on. For example, I’m currently working on a new educational game app. It’s got a pretty cute style and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the final product. Also, the Legend of Fat Ninja team is working on another game for Cartoon Network. I’m excited about this one, but it’ll be a long time off before it comes out, so stay tuned. I’m also adding to the NBA buddies I did a few years back for Curriculum Associates. And speaking of C.A, I’m also doing a few illustrations for their educational website. This is another project that’s a long way off from release. And lastly, I’ve been freelancing for Sudler and Hennessy, illustrating and designing an Interactive Kiosk Display for a pharmaceutical convention. This display includes some mini games using the new Leap Motion controller, which is similar to the X-Box Kinect.

Ok, I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer!

“Last” Video Animation

WGCNY + Aja Music & Film Productions team up to create Music Video for The Lady Jenn Bocian.

Referred to me by The Cutting Rooms Studios, Darrell Lawrence came to me with a mission. He had a client in The Lady Jenn Bocian. He had a song that she sung and he produced. He had video footage of her and her crew. But what he didn’t have, and what he needed, were some animations that would bring it all together.

Darrell had a vision. He was very clear about what he wanted, and how it should look. I went to work on a sample to see if I could provided him with what he was looking for. When I showed it to him the expression on his face said it all. I hit the mark. From there it was on!

With so much to do, I enlisted the help from John Hazard, Jimmy Tran and Sandra Charles (all on colors). I also got some good advice from my buddies Kevin Loughran and Stephan Nilson. Together we managed to turn out a very cool, fun and detailed comic styled animation.

The album release Party will be on July 9th. There will be a performance by The Lady Jenn Bocian as well as a screening of the video. Sign up if you want to attend. I’ll be there, so come and hang with me and watch a cool video as well.


NBC Peacocks

This yeah I had an opportunity to work over at MSNBC. I was mainly doing banner design and animation, with a small on air animation thrown in. The offices, which are in the 30 Rock building, were pretty cool, and I got to meet Blackthought and Questlove during my time there.

While that was definitely the highlight of my time there, there was on other thing that stood out. On the walls of the office were pictures and posters of various things, but the one that caught my eye had 5 variations of the NBC Peacock, drawn by different artists. Several times a day I would pass this poster, stop, look at it, and then wander off with my mind racing over the images I just saw.

One day when I got back to my desk I was waiting for feedback on the work I just trued in. I had also just walked past the picture again, so it was still on my mind. I decided I was going to do a version of the peacock, but that’s all I knew. It was still a few hours before I had an idea, but when it came I jumped right on it.

Since NBC had just announced they were bringing back Heroes (ask me my opinion on that another time) I thought I could do that peacock as a Heroes character. I started mixing the names of characters with the word peacock, and when I got to HRGCock, I started cracking up. That was it! That was what I was gonna draw.

So I picked up the wacom pen and got to it. When I finished, I was pretty happy with the out come and I had actually wanted to do more. So I did. I did 5 pieces in all during my run. The last being the Questcock image, as I decided to do one of him right after we met.

I hope you get a little kick out of these as I did.  If I ever do any more I’ll post them up here!

Kimberly-Clark CEO Conference Animation

WGCNY + MJM Creative team up to produce animated presentation for Kimberly-Clark CEO conference.

When my buddy Dennis Climent found himself overbooked and unable to help out a friend, he referred said friend (who’s name is Ellen Burnett) to me. Ellen is a part of MJM Creative and she told me she was in need of a game themed animation. I worked with Ellen and her team to figure out what the needed and then got to work. After the initial meetings, I started working more with Marijana Sarich. She was very helpful and provided a lot of design solutions, animation ideas and insight about the client for who this was for: Kimberly-Clark.

I found out not too long after it’s completion that the animations were a big hit at the conference. Everyone loved it. I was very happy to have been a part of this project and I’m just as happy to be able to share it with you now.

And just FYI, the audio has been added for the web presentation. In the original presentation these animations were split up and intermixed with content slides.

Beta The Game

When my buddy Chris Moody showed me the game he and his friend Errol King were working on, I was pretty amazed. They had an idea that seemed familiar, to make a game that teaches kids (people) to code, but their approach was unlike anything I had seen or heard of before.

Enter Beta: a cute little robot who lives in a world of limitless imagination. Users of the game will be able to create the world Beta moves around in. They can add obstacles, power-ups, platforms and more. They can then upload and share the games or worlds they made for others to play. All the while learning how to create games, a skill which could take them very far in life.

In an effort to help promote Beta, Chris asked me to do a few designs that would help show Beta is a new light. We sat down and talked about a few ideas and then I went to work. We ended up with a few cool designs that Team Beta could use to help promote the game while it is still in production.

Statue of Liberty Beta: This was a fun one to do. It was the first one we did and it really got us excited to do more.

Code Pop Beta (Raising the Flag): This one, image wise, is based off of the iconic image of the Marine Corps War Memorial. We changed it up to fit the coding and gaming aspects of Beta.

Code Pops Cereal: We decided to have a little fun with Beta and this time we wanted to put him on a cereal box. The Lucky Charms box design worried well for our purposes, since there are items and power ups that could be displayed like the hearts, stars and horse-shoes, clovers etc. This one really made me hungry for code!

Stay Calm and Code On: Based on a popular meme, we figured that a Beta version would work nicely.  We wanted to work in the crown a little differently, and Beta wanted the king treatment, so we hooked him up. The end result came out great and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future.

Legend of Fat Ninja: Paperfoldable

– Ported From Previous Site –
Legend of Fat Ninja’s Kureijita has come to life as a 3D paperfoldable toy. Get yours today!

Legend of Fat Ninja has gotten some cool swag! With the launch of the game on September 27th, we wanted to make some noise outside of the usual social media marketing strategies. Enter Bryan Green of Bryan came on board to create this awesome LOFN paperfoldable. Available for download here, you can print, cut and paste ( or tape ) your way to happiness! This amazing design has really given life to our little fat ninja outside of the mobile arena and best of all it’s 100% FREE!

Kids and adults alike will have fun creating their own little paper ninja. It is a fun activity that can be done by one, or in a group. It does take a little skill, so parents will definitely want to help out with kids who want to make one. Once created, your little fat ninja becomes a great companion. You can play fight with him and your other favorite toys, he can watch over you while cooking, making sure you use the best ingredients for your meal. Or maybe take a trip on the town for a fun photo shoot! Below are a few of the photos people have taken with him. If you have a cool photo of your Fat Ninja, post it up on Facebook and tag it with Legend of Fat Ninja. Or you can send me the photo directly at

Hail Fat Ninja

Naked Cowboy

Head Stand

We plan to have these available at this years New York Comic Con, so if you are there, swing by and pick one up. We’ll have a few of them displayed at the booth, since these work great as promotional materials. So if you are interested in having a paperfolable made, and what to know what they look like / how they work, stop by booth #362 and take a look! You won’t be disappointed.

Farfaria: The Magician’s Assistant

– Ported From Previous Site –
WGCNY has illustrated a children’s story for the mobile subscription service FarFaria. Get a FREE 30 day trial!

Earlier in the year I reached out to the folks over at FarFaria about drawing a story for their children’s app. They were more than happy to let me do so, and we started down a path that led to a story called The Magician’s Assistant. We felt this was a great story that matched my style, and I was very eager to get started on it. We went back and forth for awhile figuring out the character designs and set designs. Once we had that locked down it was all hands on deck as I started working up the pages.

It took me quite some time to get his story together, as I did all the work myself. That includes character / set design, layouts, pencils, inks and colors! Whew! It was a great experience tho, and I learned a lot from the process. It was also a great reminder of how fun it is to tell stories. I really enjoy trying to figure out camera shots, action scenes, and the flow of the story overall. It’s something that I put to use in storyboards and animation work as well but the vibe is slightly different for me in story / comic form.

FarFaria is a paid subscription service app that offers new stories on a weekly basis. If you ( or your children ) love stories, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can download it here and check it out as they have a FREE 30 day trial offer.