“Last” Video Animation

WGCNY + Aja Music & Film Productions team up to create Music Video for The Lady Jenn Bocian.

Referred to me by The Cutting Rooms Studios, Darrell Lawrence came to me with a mission. He had a client in The Lady Jenn Bocian. He had a song that she sung and he produced. He had video footage of her and her crew. But what he didn’t have, and what he needed, were some animations that would bring it all together.

Darrell had a vision. He was very clear about what he wanted, and how it should look. I went to work on a sample to see if I could provided him with what he was looking for. When I showed it to him the expression on his face said it all. I hit the mark. From there it was on!

With so much to do, I enlisted the help from John Hazard, Jimmy Tran and Sandra Charles (all on colors). I also got some good advice from my buddies Kevin Loughran and Stephan Nilson. Together we managed to turn out a very cool, fun and detailed comic styled animation.

The album release Party will be on July 9th. There will be a performance by The Lady Jenn Bocian as well as a screening of the video. Sign up if you want to attend. I’ll be there, so come and hang with me and watch a cool video as well.


NYCC 2012: The show and aftermath

– Ported from previous site –
( WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc. + Interactive Monster Inc. ) x NYCC = An amazing 4 days of fun, excitement and games!

First, I want to say thanks to Kenneth Johnson of Zephyr Games, Inc. and Kevin Loughran of Interactive Monster Inc. for helping me put together a great show. We all had a blast, for all the hard work involved. We met so many new people, fans and colleagues alike. We laughed, told great stories, ate lots of candy, and watched a lot of people enjoy our games. Our booth was almost always packed with fans, and we enjoyed every moment of it. Here are some of the highlights from the 4 day show.

Day 1: Press and Pros

The first day of the con is usually the slowest. This is mainly because the show floor has a limited opening. This year, however, the time the show floor was open had been extended and it seemed as if there were a lot more pros in attendance than ever before. Because of this, our booth was jumping off right from the start. We had a lot of people come though and play out games, and I even sold a few pieces of art that day. It was a good start to a great weekend, but it didn’t prepare me for friday at all!

Day 2: General Admission

The night before, right as the show was closing, we got word that NYCC had more people coming then they expected, and decided to open the show a 1/2 hour earlier than planned going forward. This meant I needed to get up and out the door earlier as well. The lines to get in were just as I expected, super loooooong. Being a exhibitor has it’s perks, and walking past that line is one of them!

I setup as quickly as I could and before I knew it, the booth was packed with fans. Friday turned out to be my best day in terms of sales. I moved a few prints, some original art and did 4 commissioned drawings. Deadpool, SpongeBob, Batgirl and Dr. Strange. It was crazy, and I don’t remember having a moment to chill at all!

When the day was done, I kicked it with a few of my peeps at Halo Berlin for dinner before heading home. It had turned out to be an awesome but very long day, and I was happy to be home with my lady and my kitty for a few, before crashing.

Day 3: General Admission

2 days had passed and we were 1/2 way done. I was surviving the day on Water, Coffee and Candy! We had candy out for the fans and boy did it go FAST! Saturday was by far the busiest day, with the most people. Our booth was packed all day but for different reasons than before. A lot of people stopped by to view my art, and a very few even bought something, but the apps really boring in the fans that day.

Corpse Toss was a popular favorite. Having debuted at last years comic con, there were fans who already owned it and wanted to tell us how much they enjoyed it. And as I mention in a post above, we have a lot of ideas for CT, we just need the time to get them done!

Legend of Fat Ninja was very popular with kids and adults alike. Weather they first saw the app, or the amazing Paperfoldable done by Bryan Green, every one loved our little ninja chef. We had a few kids who didn’t want to stop playing, but did so only to end up playing another one of our games!

Other games such as Math Evolve, Kirin Wars and Kiwi and Pears Adventures also got a lot of attention. We really had a bustling hub of excitement going on. We carried that excitement to a near by bar after the show. It was nice, because we got to toast our efforts, as we prepped for the last day. The bartender was kind enough to put a Fat Ninja Paperfoldable up above the bar. Maybe it’s still there?!

Afterward Kenny and I met up with another crew of great people at Southern Hospitality for dinner. After such an intense few days I was unable to hang, lol. I needed to rest before the last day, so we only stayed for a few hours. Still, we had a blast and met a lot of cool people.

Day 4: Kids Day

We love kids! As former nickelodeon employees, we’ve all spent many years producing work for kids. So it’s no wonder that on kids day, we had our booth filled with kids from open till close. It was really great to see kids playing the games, and parents getting into them as well. And when the kids decided they weren’t ready to leave just yet, the parents spent time looking over my art. Sales were back up a bit on Sunday, but the games where still the main show.

This whole convention was a win win for me, as the cost of it is an investment, and the sales are an immediate return on my investment. The long term impact is going to be far reaching, but hard to decipher for quite some time. I can say that from the initial after con response, things are going in the right direction.

Outside of that, I didn’t get to see much of the show, but there were a lot of cool costumes! On Sunday, I saw someone dressed as Peter Griffin, and he have the voice and mannerisms down and everything. I fled the booth to get a picture! The rest I mainly heard about from others and will catch up with online.

Thanks to all the folks who put NYCC together, and all the fans that showed up, especially those that stopped by our booth We had a blast and look forward to next year!