Pablo The Pufferfish: Big Shots Get Shots

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WGCNY + Healthline + Serial Lab help kids overcome their fear of needles.

Big Shots Get Shots is a campaign aimed at kids to help them overcome their fear of needles. Healthline contacted me to do the storybook art for the free app, while Serial Labs provided the audio. This project was a big collaborative effort, and so far it’s been met with great results. This campaign starts with a pledge to protect and inform kids (and adults) about needles. Once you have taken the pledge (or even if you don’t pledge) you can then download a free app from iTunes for your kids to enjoy.

Taking a step back for a moment, it was over 3 months ago when Irene McGee contacted me about the project. When she described it to me I was excited and ready to go. She didn’t waste any time getting me the script and we began working on the character design for Pablo the Pufferfish. Once we had Pablo nailed down, we started to create the world he lived in, and the friends he helps in this adventure.

As the project began to move forward I contacted Gina Zdanowicz to see if she was available to add her audio skills to the mix. Fortunately for us she was! She really came through with some great sounds for the app, and what makes it even more amazing to me is that we did a great deal of this during Hurricane Sandy. If you were on the East Coast when Sandy hit, you can likely imagine how hard it was to keep things moving while so many other things were falling apart. This project could have easily been shelved and it would have made sense, but it wasn’t and for me it turned out to be an unexpected distraction which was desperately needed at the time.

Once we had all the art and audio ready to go, Dustin Dettmer began programing the app, while Nelson Hernandez began work on the site. It all came together early in January 2013, and everything went live shortly after. Now that it’s live and available to the world, make a pledge and share it with those in need. You’ll be glad you did!

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