Legend Of Fat Ninja: Best of 2012

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LOFN wins best of 2012 award from jayisgames.com, gains 50,000 new users and offers new characters!

Jayisgames.com does a “Best Of” awards post every year, and in 2012 Legend Of Fat Ninja won first place in the Mobile Physics category! This came as a complete, but welcomed, surprise to our team. We had serious competition which included big names such as Disney’s “Where’s My Perry?” (5th); Rovio’s latest Angry Birds addition “Bad Piggies” (4th); Bart Bonte’s “Sugar, Sugar” (3rd) and Reese Millidge’s port of Damp Gnat’s “Wonderputt” (2nd).

Receiving this award is a great honor, not only for us, but for the supporters and fans of Fat Ninja as well. Considering the fact this game has its roots in a Kickstarter campaign, and that it could not have reached these heights without those supporters, each and every one of you ( them ) should feel proud and and take pride in this award. We did this together, and I want to personally thank you all for your help!


We recently teamed up with Appoday for a free promotion of Legend Of Fat Ninja. Appoday ran the promotion for 3 days and we gained nearly 50,000 new users during that span! We also got a little write up from Mac Life during the promotion which I’m sure helped to add to our fan base. The full effects of the promotion remain to be seen, but for this initial look into the results, I would recommend Appoday to anyone looking for another way to promote their app.

New characters

Some of you might have noticed that there are some new characters available for purchase in the game. We wanted to get them in sooner, but didn’t want to rush it. These characters each bring something new to the game. The Sous Chef is now playable, and there are also 3 new characters: Lady Fortuna, Senor Nuts and Speedy Anchovy.

The Sous Chef is the fastest character available. Lady Fortuna has a special automatic trampoline move. Senor Nuts can hang glide and Speedy Anchovy uses the 9 Lives Burst to take out his enemies. These new characters are fun to play and make Legend Of Fat Ninja even more fun to enjoy. You can find out more about them in-game, or by visiting the Facebook fan page.

If you haven’t already, download Legend Of Fat Ninja today! If you want to try before you buy, you can download the lite version which is the first 2 levels of the game and it’s FREE!