Batman: Gotham Streets

WGCNY + Zephyr-Games, Inc. + Interactive Monster + Serial Lab team up with Cartoon Network to bring you Batman: Gotham Streets.

The whole Legend of Fat Ninja crew got together again, but this time to work on a Batman game for Cartoon Network. This was a very exciting project to come across our plate, and our first major project together after the launch of LoFN.

I’ve always been a big fan of Batman. I’ve even created a character that currently resides in the Batverse! But having the chance to make a game involving the caped crusader was something more than I could have hoped for.

Due to the style of the show and our deadline, we couldn’t do anything character driven, but instead we went with a Spy Hunter like gameplay using the bat mobile plus enemy cars and drones from the show. I had a great time sifting through show clips and stills looking for the right elements. Designing a road that could last forever using a few pieces. Animating explosions, creating power-ups, designing the title card and more. It was a fun experience all around.

Packed full of bad guys and high speed action, you’ll be trying to out do yourself, and your friends, for hours on end.

Batman: Gotham Streets