Beta The Game

When my buddy Chris Moody showed me the game he and his friend Errol King were working on, I was pretty amazed. They had an idea that seemed familiar, to make a game that teaches kids (people) to code, but their approach was unlike anything I had seen or heard of before.

Enter Beta: a cute little robot who lives in a world of limitless imagination. Users of the game will be able to create the world Beta moves around in. They can add obstacles, power-ups, platforms and more. They can then upload and share the games or worlds they made for others to play. All the while learning how to create games, a skill which could take them very far in life.

In an effort to help promote Beta, Chris asked me to do a few designs that would help show Beta is a new light. We sat down and talked about a few ideas and then I went to work. We ended up with a few cool designs that Team Beta could use to help promote the game while it is still in production.

Statue of Liberty Beta: This was a fun one to do. It was the first one we did and it really got us excited to do more.

Code Pop Beta (Raising the Flag): This one, image wise, is based off of the iconic image of the Marine Corps War Memorial. We changed it up to fit the coding and gaming aspects of Beta.

Code Pops Cereal: We decided to have a little fun with Beta and this time we wanted to put him on a cereal box. The Lucky Charms box design worried well for our purposes, since there are items and power ups that could be displayed like the hearts, stars and horse-shoes, clovers etc. This one really made me hungry for code!

Stay Calm and Code On: Based on a popular meme, we figured that a Beta version would work nicely.  We wanted to work in the crown a little differently, and Beta wanted the king treatment, so we hooked him up. The end result came out great and I’m looking forward to doing more in the future.