NBC Peacocks

This yeah I had an opportunity to work over at MSNBC. I was mainly doing banner design and animation, with a small on air animation thrown in. The offices, which are in the 30 Rock building, were pretty cool, and I got to meet Blackthought and Questlove during my time there.

While that was definitely the highlight of my time there, there was on other thing that stood out. On the walls of the office were pictures and posters of various things, but the one that caught my eye had 5 variations of the NBC Peacock, drawn by different artists. Several times a day I would pass this poster, stop, look at it, and then wander off with my mind racing over the images I just saw.

One day when I got back to my desk I was waiting for feedback on the work I just trued in. I had also just walked past the picture again, so it was still on my mind. I decided I was going to do a version of the peacock, but that’s all I knew. It was still a few hours before I had an idea, but when it came I jumped right on it.

Since NBC had just announced they were bringing back Heroes (ask me my opinion on that another time) I thought I could do that peacock as a Heroes character. I started mixing the names of characters with the word peacock, and when I got to HRGCock, I started cracking up. That was it! That was what I was gonna draw.

So I picked up the wacom pen and got to it. When I finished, I was pretty happy with the out come and I had actually wanted to do more. So I did. I did 5 pieces in all during my run. The last being the Questcock image, as I decided to do one of him right after we met.

I hope you get a little kick out of these as I did.  If I ever do any more I’ll post them up here!