Twitch Overlays

I stumbled upon Twitch via my video game interests. Back in the day, when stuck in a video game, you might have to consult a friend or a magazine for help. These days you can find help on YouTube or live via Twitch! As much as I love games, I’m never the best player, so help is always welcome. But being able to speak directly to someone with knowledge is always an advantage. And being able to watch them play gives me different perspectives. That aspect of Twitch is what got me hooked. I dove in deeper and found a lot of really cool people trying to help others and just having fun.

As I got to know some of these great guys and gals better, they also got to know me better. Finding out that I was an artist, I started to get branding requests from various streamers. I was more than happy to help out and it’s been a ton of fun. These are a few samples of some Twitch Packages I’ve done.

The Real Coyote: TRC really enjoyed my illustration work. He is an up and coming streamer who wanted me to go all out with his Coyote theme. We decided on a red/black/gold color theme and then he let me take it from there. This theme has a real dangerous feel, with claw marks and sharp teeth to back it up. Check out his stream and drop him a follow. You’ll be howling at the moon for more!

PJ Quill: This was a fun package to do. A play off GOTG, Quill is a hedgehog ready for action! We went for an action/adventure type look, with some sharp edges to bring it all together. I really enjoyed creating the character and matching art to go with it, and PJ was more than happy with the result! Another up and coming streamer, be sure to check him out and show some luv, just don’t get pricked!

Morning After Kill: MAK was the first big streamer to request my services. He is BIG in the Borderlands community. He was already a big name on YouTube and recently added Twitch to his to his growing empire. MAK had a very specific idea in mind for his stream, and was able to convey it with ease. It made my job that much easier, and I could focus of the fun stuff. I added some extra details to the overlay and panels. Paid special attention to his caricature and the fun, large tip screen. MAK and his fan base loved it and I’ve been doing some work for him as needed ever since. Check out MAKs stream for a fun time and drop a follow to show some love!