Twitch Emotes

As I learned more about Twitch from a design standpoint, I realized there were a lot of areas where I could apply my skills. One such area is in the Emote department. On Twitch, people express themselves with pictures as much, if not more, than they do with words. Emotes are globally used, however, each Twitch streamer can have custom emotes (provided they are an affiliate or partner). This means the emotes you have can be special to your stream. Just jump into any streamers chat to see what I mean. It’s hard work tho, because the canvas size is super small: 112, 56, and 28 pixels for a full set. It’s hard to convey a lot in a 28×28 sized space, but when it’s done right the result is very cool. These are just a few of the emotes i’ve done for various streamers:

ZombieKing: ZK was one of the first streamers to ask me to do emotes. These were really fun as I got to draw a lot of existing and original characters. It was just like the comission work I used to do a comic convention or upon request. Only on a smaller scale. Still it was more than enough fun to make me want to do more! Check out ZK stream and sub if you want to use the emotes.

Morning After Kill: MAK was another guy who decided it was time for a revamp of his emotes. After just finishing his overlay package, he reached out to see if I was interested in doing his emotes, to which I quickly responded: Yes! I was completely unaware of Borderlands at the time so I had to do some digging to get an idea of what I was in for. The characters for that game are so cool it made doing these emotes a blast. Of course, there are some original  pieces in there as well, and that’s always fun as I get to make things up! I gotta give MAK a Ric Flair “WOOOOO” for hooking me up! Check him and and support with a sub!

Joltz Dude 139: Joltz is another BIG Borderlands streamer. He also reached out to me wanting to redo his emotes. I was more than happy to help, and we’ve been working together for quite some time now. Joltz has very specific ideas about his emotes and even goes as far as to rough out sketches for me. I love that about him. It’s not necessary in any way, but I think it’s cool that he does it. He likely has as much fun doing so as I do! Be sure to drop by his stream and sub if you can.

There are plenty of streamers not mentioned who i’ve worked for that all deserve a shot out. So if you want to see more, be sure to browse my twitter feed for now. I’ll post more when I can.