Twitch Overlays Part 2

I’ve gotten the chance to do some more Twitch overlay packages. These are fun to do as they are branding sets. Meaning, I get to create the look/feel of the overall experience. It’s also pretty amazing to see the clients reaction when their idea has been brought to live. Here are some other packages I’ve done this year.

IBustFast: IBF found me though the Destiny community. As an up and coming streamer he wanted to set his stream apart from the rest and decided to get an overlay package. We talked for a bit, picked some colors and then I got to work. I really enjoyed working on this and was very happy with the end result. There were a few alt options which I liked just as much and that’s rare. So all in all this was a great project to work on.

Killer Six: Swinging back to the Borderlands community you’ll find K6 doing his thing. Not only did he want an overlay package, he wanted it to have the look and feel of Borderlands. After some more digging into a game I’ve still never played (but have grown to appreciate) I was ready. As you can see in the image, we did logo variations. K6 liked them all so went with it. I really enjoyed working on his caricature as well an the overlay came out spot on! K6 sometimes plays with his son, so be sure to check them both out and drop a follow!

Flyf: Jordan of Fly Nation reached out to me about an overlay package after recently being affiliated with Twitch. We started out with his logo Flyf, short for Fly Lyf (that’s pronounced “Life”). We came up with this cool text look with a paper airplane flying around it. From there we expand to the overlays, cam over and avatars. It has a very chill look and feel to it. And the plane helps your eyes glide across the overlay. Flyf has been very happy with the package and the response it’s getting. If you agree then go show him some love. He mostly plays CS:GO.

I’m hoping to pick up some more overlay package work in the near future. If you are looking to have a package made, be sure to reach out and we’ll get you hooked up!