Legend of Fat Ninja: Paperfoldable

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Legend of Fat Ninja’s Kureijita has come to life as a 3D paperfoldable toy. Get yours today!

Legend of Fat Ninja has gotten some cool swag! With the launch of the game on September 27th, we wanted to make some noise outside of the usual social media marketing strategies. Enter Bryan Green of paperfoldables.com. Bryan came on board to create this awesome LOFN paperfoldable. Available for download here, you can print, cut and paste ( or tape ) your way to happiness! This amazing design has really given life to our little fat ninja outside of the mobile arena and best of all it’s 100% FREE!

Kids and adults alike will have fun creating their own little paper ninja. It is a fun activity that can be done by one, or in a group. It does take a little skill, so parents will definitely want to help out with kids who want to make one. Once created, your little fat ninja becomes a great companion. You can play fight with him and your other favorite toys, he can watch over you while cooking, making sure you use the best ingredients for your meal. Or maybe take a trip on the town for a fun photo shoot! Below are a few of the photos people have taken with him. If you have a cool photo of your Fat Ninja, post it up on Facebook and tag it with Legend of Fat Ninja. Or you can send me the photo directly at wg@wgcny.com

Hail Fat Ninja

Naked Cowboy

Head Stand

We plan to have these available at this years New York Comic Con, so if you are there, swing by and pick one up. We’ll have a few of them displayed at the booth, since these work great as promotional materials. So if you are interested in having a paperfolable made, and what to know what they look like / how they work, stop by booth #362 and take a look! You won’t be disappointed.