Legend of Fat Ninja: Available on iTunes

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WGCNY + Zephyr Games, Inc. have launched “Legend of Fat Ninja” on iTunes. Kindle Fire version to follow.

It’s finally here! Legend of Fat Ninja is now available for download on iTunes. Priced at $1.99, Fat Ninja provides hours of gameplay at the tap of your fingers! We are really excited about this game, and we have a lot of plans in store for it. I’m going to run down highlights from it’s conception through launch, note a few updates we have planned, as well as say a bit more about the game as it is. Before I do I need to say Thanks to those fans who were there from the start, and to all you new fans, welcome aboard!

Legend of Fat ninja combines the skill based gameplay of physics games such as Angry Birds, with the arcade scoring and chaining mechanics of Pinball and point based arcade games. Every time you launch Fat Ninja into a level, you are able to direct his movements by simply tapping in the direction for him to attack. With every object you hit you build up power that allows you to continue. Attempt to build up the highest score possible while keeping enemy ninjas from reaching your noodle stand, and then defeat the resident chef to liberate the famous ingredient he has been

It’s been a wild ride from concept to product. The initial idea was rejected by one group of gamers before it was brought to Kenny Johnson of Zephyr-Games, Inc. Can you believe that! We’ll it’s ture. Fat Ninja almost never made it past the idea phase. Thanks to Kenny, not only did fat Ninja make it past the idea phase, it made it to the alpha phase. Once we had an idea of what Fay Ninja could be, we reached out to potential fans via Kickstarter. Thanks to our fans, Fat Ninja made it to the product phase in a much better condition than it would have otherwise. We’ve gotten a lot of really good feed back from our supporters which we’ve been putting to use. We already have some plans for future updates that will not only extend the games experience, but improve upon the current gameplay as well.

Right now we are asking those who purchase ( and like ) the game to rate and review it on iTunes. This is an important factor as it lets Apple, and other people know about the game. Plus it gives us good feed back in once place. So far we’ve taken a lot of your feedback and put that into the game, and we want to keep on doing so.

Past that, we’ve gotten some really good press! The word is spreading and people are enjoying it. We’ll have more updates as time passes, but I’ll leave you with the a few links to some write ups / interviews worth checking out:


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2) JayIsGames.com – John Bardinelli did a really nice write up for Jayisgames.com. Can’t say thanks enough for his kind words!

3) IGN.com – Ign highlighted all the worth while releases on September 27th. Not only did Legend of Fat Ninja make the list, but so did Kirin Wars!


4) APPetite PR interview: Kenny Johnson was interviewed about Legend of Fat ninja ( and Kirin Wars ) !

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