Twitch Overlays Part 2

I’ve gotten the chance to do some more Twitch overlay packages. These are fun to do as they are branding sets. Meaning, I get to create the look/feel of the overall experience. It’s also pretty amazing to see the clients reaction when their idea has been brought to live. Here are some other packages I’ve done this year.

IBustFast: IBF found me though the Destiny community. As an up and coming streamer he wanted to set his stream apart from the rest and decided to get an overlay package. We talked for a bit, picked some colors and then I got to work. I really enjoyed working on this and was very happy with the end result. There were a few alt options which I liked just as much and that’s rare. So all in all this was a great project to work on. Check out IBF if you are into Destiny!

Killer Six: Swinging back to the Borderlands community you’ll find K6 doing his thing. Not only did he want an overlay package, he wanted it to have the look and feel of Borderlands. After some more digging into a game I’ve still never played (but have grown to appreciate) I was ready. As you can see in the image, we did logo variations. K6 liked them all so went with it. I really enjoyed working on his caricature as well an the overlay came out spot on! K6 sometimes plays with his son, so be sure to check them both out and drop a follow!

Flyf: Jordan of Fly Nation reached out to me about an overlay package after recently being affiliated with Twitch. We started out with his logo Flyf, short for Fly Lyf (that’s pronounced “Life”). We came up with this cool text look with a paper airplane flying around it. From there we expand to the overlays, cam over and avatars. It has a very chill look and feel to it. And the plane helps your eyes glide across the overlay. Flyf has been very happy with the package and the response it’s getting. If you agree then go show him some love. He mostly plays CS:GO.

I’m hoping to pick up some more overlay package work in the near future. If you are looking to have a package made, be sure to reach out and we’ll get you hooked up!

Twitch Emotes

As I learned more about Twitch from a design standpoint, I realized there were a lot of areas where I could apply my skills. One such area is in the Emote department. On Twitch, people express themselves with pictures as much, if not more, than they do with words. Emotes are globally used, however, each Twitch streamer can have custom emotes (provided they are an affiliate or partner). This means the emotes you have can be special to your stream. Just jump into any streamers chat to see what I mean. It’s hard work tho, because the canvas size is super small: 112, 56, and 28 pixels for a full set. It’s hard to convey a lot in a 28×28 sized space, but when it’s done right the result is very cool. These are just a few of the emotes i’ve done for various streamers:

ZombieKing: ZK was one of the first streamers to ask me to do emotes. These were really fun as I got to draw a lot of existing and original characters. It was just like the comission work I used to do a comic convention or upon request. Only on a smaller scale. Still it was more than enough fun to make me want to do more! Check out ZK stream and sub if you want to use the emotes.

Morning After Kill: MAK was another guy who decided it was time for a revamp of his emotes. After just finishing his overlay package, he reached out to see if I was interested in doing his emotes, to which I quickly responded: Yes! I was completely unaware of Borderlands at the time so I had to do some digging to get an idea of what I was in for. The characters for that game are so cool it made doing these emotes a blast. Of course, there are some original  pieces in there as well, and that’s always fun as I get to make things up! I gotta give MAK a Ric Flair “WOOOOO” for hooking me up! Check him and and support with a sub!

Joltz Dude 139: Joltz is another BIG Borderlands streamer. He also reached out to me wanting to redo his emotes. I was more than happy to help, and we’ve been working together for quite some time now. Joltz has very specific ideas about his emotes and even goes as far as to rough out sketches for me. I love that about him. It’s not necessary in any way, but I think it’s cool that he does it. He likely has as much fun doing so as I do! Be sure to drop by his stream and sub if you can.

There are plenty of streamers not mentioned who i’ve worked for that all deserve a shot out. So if you want to see more, be sure to browse my twitter feed for now. I’ll post more when I can.

Twitch Overlays

I stumbled upon Twitch via my video game interests. Back in the day, when stuck in a video game, you might have to consult a friend or a magazine for help. These days you can find help on YouTube or live via Twitch! As much as I love games, I’m never the best player, so help is always welcome. But being able to speak directly to someone with knowledge is always an advantage. And being able to watch them play gives me different perspectives. That aspect of Twitch is what got me hooked. I dove in deeper and found a lot of really cool people trying to help others and just having fun.

As I got to know some of these great guys and gals better, they also got to know me better. Finding out that I was an artist, I started to get branding requests from various streamers. I was more than happy to help out and it’s been a ton of fun. These are a few samples of some Twitch Packages I’ve done.

The Real Coyote: TRC really enjoyed my illustration work. He is an up and coming streamer who wanted me to go all out with his Coyote theme. We decided on a red/black/gold color theme and then he let me take it from there. This theme has a real dangerous feel, with claw marks and sharp teeth to back it up. Check out his stream and drop him a follow. You’ll be howling at the moon for more!

PJ Quill: This was a fun package to do. A play off GOTG, Quill is a hedgehog ready for action! We went for an action/adventure type look, with some sharp edges to bring it all together. I really enjoyed creating the character and matching art to go with it, and PJ was more than happy with the result! Another up and coming streamer, be sure to check him out and show some luv, just don’t get pricked!

Morning After Kill: MAK was the first big streamer to request my services. He is BIG in the Borderlands community. He was already a big name on YouTube and recently added Twitch to his to his growing empire. MAK had a very specific idea in mind for his stream, and was able to convey it with ease. It made my job that much easier, and I could focus of the fun stuff. I added some extra details to the overlay and panels. Paid special attention to his caricature and the fun, large tip screen. MAK and his fan base loved it and I’ve been doing some work for him as needed ever since. Check out MAKs stream for a fun time and drop a follow to show some love! 

CN Game Stats

It’s always great to see how people react when you put out a product. Putting out a game is super exciting as people really love games. It’s also interesting to see the stats behind how well a game does. Usually tho, I don’t have access to that information. Fortunately, Cartoon Network gives us a little bit of insight into the stats of the games we produce. It’s not the full backend stats mind you, just the number of likes and plays a game has, which is displayed for all to see.

In the image above you can see the the kids are really enjoying the games we’ve put out. Drillionaire is super popular! It’s been out for more than a year now, so it’s numbers are higher than Panic Mode and D2 just on time alone. Still, I think all things being equal it’s our most popular game. But I’ll be watching to see how D2 does as it’s a new release, it’s hot on the trail of Panic Mode and Royal Ruckus, and those games have have been out longer.

Special thanks to CN for giving us the chance to make some great games. And to Kenny (ZG), Kevin (IM) and Gina (SL), it’s always a pleasure working with you guys! Here’s to our next project!


I did a few portraits for Kecker, Fl0wer and Storvox. These were a lot of fun to do and they loved them! Storvox wanted one as a gamer, and one as a professional. He does video work and you can see him putting it in behind the camera.

Kecker DoubleDecker

I’m a big fan of Destiny the game. My friends and I spend a great deal of time playing. However, it’s one of those games where you are going to have to make new friends to do all the things you want to do. There are quite a few sites out there that help you do that, and twitch is one of them. Unlike the sites that help match you with like minded players, twitch is a site where really good (and sometimes just ok) players stream their game play. These streamers help other players achieve their goals in the game, they tend to build up followers which then turn into communities. While there are quite a few streamers that I follow, there is one who I’ve helped out a little.

I’m not going to get into all the aspects of streaming, but like any visual medium, there are things that can be done to make it feel more unique. This is where I come in. I designed a few pieces of art that Kecker uses on his stream. They include a Stream Starting Soon page, and Stream Overlay, a BRB page, a logo and more. In fact I’m working on something now for his supporters.

It’s always great to see people come together. Kecker (Justin) and his girlfriend Fl0wer (Amanda) are great hosts, a lot of fun and just good people. If you play Destiny, be sure to check them out. Fair warning, it’s a mature stream so make sure you have on headphones!

Sqvad Up

While working on another project for Utility NYC, I was asked to revise some of the UI Design for Lil Wayne’s Sqvad Up app. Not all of my designs made it in for launch*, and I’m uncertain weather the rest will make it in via an update. Still, it was a lot of fun working on this game.

*Upon further review it looks like the app was updated on 11/11 and all the UI was redone again, removing all the original designs and my revisions/additions.

Catching Up

The end of 2014 saw a lot of steady clients move on. Early 2015 was a very slow work period with only a few small projects (from very loyal clients). Around the summer, a very large project dropped into my lap, one that looked like it would spark a long term partnership with a new client. The project didn’t get under way until the fall, and ran until about the summer of 2016. That’s when the project got put on hold. Not long after it was pulled in house, and now it’s seemingly just on the shelf. If it is truly shelved, that’s very unfortunate. Still, I learned quite a bit while working on this project, and I’m more than ready to apply that knowledge and skill to whatever comes next.

As always I’ll keep pushing forward. That next great project is just around the corner!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Hey all! I’m back with a minor update before we hit the holidays hard.

Sudler & Hennessey
To start with, I’ve been pretty busy lately bopping around from place to place, lending my skills to those that need it. I spent a few months with the good people over at Sudler & Hennessey helping them design and animate an Interactive kiosk display. This was done for a Pharmaceutical client to be used at a convention. This particular kiosk display has a unique combination of illustration, design and animation. It’s a different take on the usual “Pharma” displays, and it uses the new Leap Motion controller instead of a touchscreen. All in all it was a great project to work on with a awesome group of people. Hopefully all goes well and we’ll get to do another!

I also spent a few weeks with my good pals over at Harrison & Star. I’ve been freelancing there for a few years now, and while things are always changing over there, it’s always remained a great place to work. These last few weeks were no different, other than the fact it was a shorter run than usual. But part of that is a testament to how well we’ve done our jobs (as in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”)!

Quiz Hero
On top of all that I’ve been working on an educational game app called Quiz Hero. I’ve been working on this with my buddies Kevin and Larry, and there will be more to come about this in the next few weeks. Scheduled to be released this year, Quiz Hero will make a great download for the holidays! You can see more on the Facebook Fan Page HERE.

Lastly, I recently did some storyboard shots for the good folks over at Nickelodeon. They had an idea for a TMNT game and asked if I could mock up a few scenes. What you see above is the first panel and snippets from a few other panels. Since we didn’t want to give anything way we figured this was the best way to show it. And I’m all for it since I usually can’t show any of this stuff!

That’s it for now. Check back soon for more updates!

End of Summer Recap

Hello Everyone. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Summer is winding down now and Fall quickly approaching. Are you ready for cool days and nights, sweaters and the leaves changing? Are you ready to go back to school, for pumpkin spice or your favorite TV shows to return? I am, but I’ll still take a few more days, or weeks, of summer 🙂

I thought it was time for a quick update, and I figure since I have this new site and easy to update blog, I could do a little something something for ya. So with that, here’s what’s been going on!

Gregory Victorin

At the start of summer, I did some designs for a friend who has a Non-Profit Organization. I honestly don’t know much about the project, but I do know he wanted to make T-shirts to sell for charity. And I believe his church is involved, and that some, if not all, of the money would be going to help Haiti. So while I didn’t/don’t have all the project info, I know it’s all for a good cause which was more than enough for me to hop on board. These images would be used like the Polo logo is used on a shirt, small and placed where the breast pocket might go. And you can see there are a wide variety of color options. I’m not quite sure if any shirts have been made yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing them when they are.

Chi Intentioned

Early in the summer I made a logo for a friend’s start-up. She (Chi) sells jewelry, among other things, and she really wasn’t feeling the logo she already had. Since I had hooked up a logo sometime back for a friend of her’s that she liked, she had kept me in mind for when it was time to revamp her logo. Also, along with the final logo and logo with image, you can see some of the original sketches and mocks that lead to the final design.

Danielle Burnette

Around mid-summer I designed and illustrated a dust jacket for Danielle Burnette. Danielle wrote a book that she wanted to self publish, and she reached out to me for the cover design and illustration. I was more than happy to help out and the end result came out great! When the book was done she then asked me to create an intro image for her website. I had a lot of fun illustrating both images and it looks like I’ll be helping out with some business cards very soon as well! You can check out the book and site at the links below!

Buy Book on Amazon


Everything Else

Past that, there are a few other things going on, that I either can’t talk about yet, or can’t show work for. However, I can still tell you a little bit about what’s going on. For example, I’m currently working on a new educational game app. It’s got a pretty cute style and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the final product. Also, the Legend of Fat Ninja team is working on another game for Cartoon Network. I’m excited about this one, but it’ll be a long time off before it comes out, so stay tuned. I’m also adding to the NBA buddies I did a few years back for Curriculum Associates. And speaking of C.A, I’m also doing a few illustrations for their educational website. This is another project that’s a long way off from release. And lastly, I’ve been freelancing for Sudler and Hennessy, illustrating and designing an Interactive Kiosk Display for a pharmaceutical convention. This display includes some mini games using the new Leap Motion controller, which is similar to the X-Box Kinect.

Ok, I think that about wraps it up. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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