Gotham Market: Ashland


Artist/Designer for GM Ashland Window Display Design.

Gotham Market at the Ashland (in Brooklyn) is the sister food hall to Gotham Market West in Manhattan. When they decided they wanted to add to their window display design, they reached out to me. Why? Because the main contact (Stephanie) for getting the design completed had worked with me on (and actually hired me for) the Turnstyle Market project! She had liked what I did so much that when given the chance, she brought me onto this project. I am super grateful for that, as this project became my first window design display. And boy did we have some fun with it!

Altho we kept the design very simple and minimal, we felt that it added a great impact to the store front in terms of grabbing a passerby’s attention. As well as allowed for patrons to look out of the windows without having their view completely obstructed. We did have to work around some existing window treatments, which is why the design is broken up into 3 sections.

If you find yourself in Brooklyn around Fulton St/BAM, be sure to stop by GMA and check out my work and enjoy some good eats while you are there!

Gotham Market at the Ashland