Turnstyle Underground Market
Artist/Designer for Turnstyle MTA Subway Marketing Designs.

Turnstyle Underground Market put out a listing for a designer that I responded to. They liked my work and asked me to do some marketing designs for their underground food hall/shopping center. These designs were to be placed on various MTA entrances that lead down to the market. The idea was to not only show off what the market has to offer, but also help guide people to where the market is. As such, we went with a simple icon look that utilizes arrows to guide the viewer though the art and toward the market.

We had plans to do a lot more but then company changes happened and this was as far as we got. Still, it was a lot of fun and something I’d love to do again if given that opportunity. Be sure to check out Turnstyle if you are in the Columbus Circle area!

Turnstyle Underground Market