Art/Animation/Motion Graphics: Wesley Gunn
Mars Cats Voyage Collection
Pixels Game (Referral)
Blocktones Collection

Mars Cats Voyage cats (the whole 10k collections) have been integrated into Pixels. It was a massive undertaking but the end result is amazing. Every Mars Cat holder can play Pixels using any cat they own. For the first time Mars Cats leap off the NFT and move into the Metaverse.

Taking traits from the original collection (200+), I pixelated them all, then animated them. From there the traits are layered in-game to make the final cat. The traits used to make up a cat are pulled from the NFT a player owns.

There are 5 animations total: Idle, Walk, Eat, Jab and Slash. Idle and Walk are both 12 frame animations. Eat, Jab and Slash are all 6 frame animations. Slash and Jab are not used in-game yet but as the game evolves, more will be added and, there will be uses for those animations in the future.

Once the collection was integrated, I created a video promo to let the world know. I sourced the video (from play sessions) and the audio from another NFT collection called Blocktones. So far the video has got over 24k views on X.

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